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Five verses of the Quran, whose meaning is most often distorted

oleh Ben Roff 4 bulan yang lalu

The recent rise in negative views towards Islam and Muslims has led to repeated attempts to portray this religion as cruel, as well as to unreasonable allegations against the Koran. In fact, many verses of the Quran are misunderstood, among them, we distinguish five, distorted more often than others.

Do allegations of violence endure academic criticism, or did these verses debase so much that they acquired the opposite meaning?

Religion has always been a convenient cover for violence. In history, there are many examples of how fans and extremists used religion to give global conflicts a truly universal significance. In recent decades, political conflicts, dictatorial regimes and wars involving Muslim countries have led to the emergence of modern extremist groups that try to justify violence in the name of Islam.

In turn, chaos, instability and protracted military conflicts create a political vacuum in which the aspiring groups vie for control. To be supported, these groups are ready to act under any slogans: in defense of ethnic or cultural identity, nationalistic, ideological or religious.

So let’s ask ourselves immediately: don’t these groups use religion as a political tool, don’t they want to blame the spiritual teaching that exists for 1400 years and has almost 2 billion followers around the world?

Indeed, radicals and Islamophobes are equally inclined to manipulate specific verses of the Koran to prove that the Koran allegedly approves of violence. However, the least familiarity with these verses is enough to understand how far this is from the truth.

It is effortless to turn the content of the text. It is enough to choose suitable proposals and to quote them in isolation from the context. It is remarkable that the alleged cruel content of the five verses of the Quran, which are most often subjected to such a false “citation,” immediately disappears even with a partial glance at the context, including the historical one.

All you need to do is finish the sentence or read the previous or next ayah – and it becomes evident that there is no question of advocating violence.

Moreover, even its probability disappears if one looks at other suras of the Quran and the statements of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that categorically expose violence and call for peace. Also, a thorough academic analysis of the text of the Koran refutes any attempts by contemporary extremists and extreme haters of Islam to impose false interpretations of the sacred text.

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