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IP Telephony Engineer

oleh Ben Roff 4 bulan yang lalu

Job Description Generally, the job duties differ in many organizations. However, the following are the standard job responsibilities performed by them: • To design and resolve issues through study, network administration, installation, and customization, along with network management support • To recommend to design the network pattern for better connectivity • To analyze, prioritize, and complete telephony work order assignments to meet SLA's. Skills & Education An essential degree in the relevant field will give a boost to the career, and it will improve the chances of finding the exact job that is desired in the field. A degree in computer science and networking is fair enough to get you in this field. To be in this field, one of the essential skills is that it requires proficiency with CISCO routers, switches and firewalls. One needs to have quality and proven experience in IP Telephony and VTC, specifically within Cisco and preferably within Polycom. Certifications The following are the best certifications for IP Telephony • Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer Voice (CCIE Voice) • Cisco IP Telephony Certificate • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) • Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS) Salary When it comes to salaries, it’s no less than any other IT field job. As per Paysa, an average salary of a IP Telephony Engineer is around $111,189, depending on the experience level.

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