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Network Consultant Jobs

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Job Description: Many companies depend upon these consultants to guarantee network functionality and performance. Consultants research, recommend and deploy changes in network services either full time or on a freelance basis to an organization or client.

The job role might fluctuate based on the requirements or needs of a company, but they commonly include hardware/software installation, server planning, & availability, disaster recovery, network globalization, and Datacenter network setup. The following are job responsibilities common in this position:

Types of Network: Network Consultants manage the following types of networks

* Wide Area Network (WAN) Wireless
* Local Area Network (WLAN) Local Area
* Network (LAN) Metropolitan Area
* Network (MAN) Global Area Network
* (GAN) Storage/System/Server/Small
* Area Network (SAN)
* Campus/Controller/Cluster Area
* Network (CAN) Personal Area Network
* (PAN) Desk Area Network (DAN) Voice
* Over Internet Protocol Network(VoIP)

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